Current Projects

The FODE have undertaken a number of projects to improve the facilities at Deep Eddy pool. We are constantly searching for volunteers to help us with our ongoing efforts.

Bathhouse Renovation Project

Our major project is the renovation of the historic 1936 Deep Eddy bathhouse. Currently, the bathhouse is closed to the public. The FODE would like to restore the bathhouse to it’s original condition. Click here for more detailed information about the bathhouse, including the preservation and restoration plans for the Historic Deep Eddy Bathhouse, prepared by Limbacher & Godfrey Architects for the Friends of Deep Eddy.

Designating the pool as a historic landmark

We are pleased to announce that the application for placing Deep Eddy on the National Register of Historic Places has been officially approved by the National Park Service. Thanks again to Hannah Swenson for all the hard work she did on the application.

Landscape Improvement

The FODE has been working with the city to develop a longe range plan to improve the landscaping around Deep Eddy. Our primary concern has been the loss of the 90 year old cottonwoods which surround the park. Additionally we are working with the city to install a permanent irrigation system to keep the grass green during the summer in high traffic areas within the park.

The first FODE tree planting in March of 2003 planted 6 young trees at different points around the park.