FODE Awarded 3rd Grant

Hello friends and swimmers! I am proud to announce that Friends of Deep Eddy has been awarded another grant for our New Well Project. This grant is a 2018 Fall Heritage Grant from Visit Austin, in the amount of $40,054! These funds come from hotel taxes and are used towards projects with both a tourism and a heritage focus. Now, in addition to the previous two grants of $25,000 from the Austin Parks Foundation and $50,000 from the Hershey Foundation, we have a total of $115,054 raised for our well project. This gets us to within $40,000 of the budgeted $155,000 total.

We are excited that the new well will be much deeper and steadier than our current water supply, enough to provide cool clear spring water for many years to come. As you may know, the project is slated for this coming winter season, and I hope to begin the process of scheduling construction soon. FODE has money in the bank so I feel confident we can proceed. But we do need more funds to meet our budget goal, and we want to keep a balance in the bank just in case. So please let me or another FODE board member know if you or any of your acquaintances might be in the position to help out. At this point we can make up the difference with just a few gifts rather than another sizable grant. And of course FODE is a 501(c)(3) non profit, so your gift is tax deductible.