Friends of Deep Eddy is proud to announce the successful completion of our New Well Project in May 2019. We send our heartfelt appreciation to all our donors, Jacob & Terese Hershey Foundation, Austin Parks Foundation, Visit Austin, PARD Aquatics Dept., and Texas Realty Capital for making this possible. We reached our funding goal in the fall of 2018, right on schedule for winter 2019 construction.

Our goal was to augment the current “ Downstream" well with a partner well that would allow greater water flow, thus eliminating the problem of filling the pool by our summer opening time of 8am. In January our well contractor, GeoProjects, drilled to the same 300 foot depth as the previous well. But at that depth they discovered more limited water flow than the current well provided. So we discussed our options and they decided to drill further to 400 feet, which our contract had provided for. Once that was done the flow came on strong and met our goals. Now with two wells running we have ample water flow for pool filling, plus it is very consistent in temperature (70 degrees) and clarity.

The most important lesson learned was that a project like this must be run by competent professionals. Austin Aquatics/PARD has used GeoProjects numerous times in the past, and they came through for us again. Elk Electric did a wonderful job of providing the new electrical service we required. The finished well head is beautifully constructed of industrial grade equipment; we have no question that it will last a very long time.

Regarding the budget, we came in slightly under the estimated total. Our total grant receipts were $150,054 and our total expenditures were $144,829. So we have $5225 leftover in our account. These funds are being utilized for the purchase of new lane lines on our lap lanes. Since we do not use chemicals in the pool, algae growth is a constant issue on our lane lines.

All our Friends of Deep Eddy members as well as the entire swimming population who utilize Deep Eddy are indebted to all our donors on this project. A couple years ago, we celebrated the 100th birthday of Deep Eddy, and now with our water supply we anticipate many more decades of cool, clear water at Deep Eddy.

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