Deep Eddy Maintenance Closure

The pool will be closed for annual maintenance from November 9, 2013, through December 1. The pool will reopen at 9am on December 2. Your understanding is certainly appreciated. Barton Springs will be open during this period (assuming no new flooding occurs).

Deep Eddy Maintenance Closure Delayed

Due to the flooding of Barton Springs, the closure of Deep Eddy Pool for maintenance has been delayed. The pool will remain open November 2 and beyond until further notice.

Pool Closed Nov 2 – Nov 24

The pool will close November 2-24, 2013, for annual maintenance. The pool will reopen on November 25. Some extra time is built into this schedule so there is a possibility the pool could open sooner than November 25. Stay tuned!

Winter Hours Meeting

A meeting has been scheduled with Aquatics to discuss the hours of operation during winter months. That meeting will be held on October 2, 2013, at 10am at the Aquatics office across from the pool. At the moment, current hours will remain in place through November 3. BeginningNovember 4, hours will be 11am to 7:30pm, weekdays, and 11am to 7pm weekends, unless there is a decision to change the winter hours.

FODE Meeting Minutes 7-16-2013

Click to Download – FODE Minutes 07-16-13

2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

Download the 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes –

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November Pool Hours

Effective November 1, the pool will be open 11am to 7:30pm weekdays and 11am to 7pm weekends. These hours may change when Barton Springs closes for repairs. There will be no admission fee charged beginning November 1.

FODE Minutes 10-19-12

Download FODE Minutes

Shallow Side Closing 8/12

The shallow side of the pool will be closing for about a week beginning this Sunday (August 12) at 6pm for some work. As it turns out, the grit added to the paint to keep the surface from being slippery was not sufficient. The beach area of the shallow side is being repainted to fix this issue. The lap pool will close at 6pm Sunday as well. The lap pool will remain open during this work but will close early at 7pm on Monday and Tuesday. Barring any rain or complications, the shallow side will reopen August 20. Your understanding is certainly appreciated.

I know that many folks have expressed concern about water quality this summer. I can assure you that Aquatics staff has been trying every possible cleaning technique and combination of ideas to improve water quality. You may have noticed a slight improvement this week because we have stopped using the downstream well which produces the warmest water during the summer and also contributes a lot of algae to the pool. Our poolside well is being pumped at a higher rate than we would prefer which is causing more silt to be included in the water entering the pool. Hence, the cloudy water conditions. A new well has been completed just northeast of the lap pool. This new well tested at 300 gallons per minute of clear water at 74 degrees. We hope to have that well online by the end of August. Keeping our fingers crossed, with that well we should be able to reduce the pump rate on the poolside well so that it produces no silt. We should then have very clear and cooler water.

Finally, we are working on a solution for the pool deck which can be slippery when wet. Please use caution on the deck until we get this issue resolved.

Your support of Deep Eddy is greatly appreciated.

Living Springs Project

Karen Kocher is looking  for support in the development of a interactive website about Barton Springs.  Check out her proposal at the link below.

The story of the Springs is introduced via a virtual underwater scene. This interface is at once fanciful, but also purposeful. It is not only fun to navigate one’s way through this ever-changing animation with swaying plants and swimming fish, it also reinforces at every moment that Barton Springs is a part of the natural environment, a living, breathing habitat, and in fact the central reason why this story exists.

The Springs’ many stories float up from the bottom of the animation inside interactive bubbles. By clicking on any one of the dozens of bubbles, viewers gain entry into the world of biologists, hydrologists, poets, painters, musicians, monks, priests, swimmers, and historic figures as they interact with the Springs. Through these many characters and their stories, the value and importance of the of the Springs is communicated.

All funds raised during this campaign will be used for producing  project videos and the programming of the final version of the interactive site. Living Springs will be available 24-7, around the globe, to any person with an internet connection. Locally, we will work with teachers to get this project built into the science and humanities curriculum throughout central Texas. A high-resolution version of the project will be installed as part of a permanent exhibit at the Barton Springs Education Center where over 90,000 visitors come each year.