Deep Eddy Closing for Maintenance Nov 29, 2016

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Deep Eddy will close for two to three weeks for repairs to the hillside well and annual maintenance. The closure date is November 29, 2016. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we have not lately enjoyed the wonderful water quality we had during the spring and early summer. The hillside well is our most prolific producer of good quality water and it started producing less water than normal a couple of months ago. This required the use of the pool side well which contains the fine particulate silt which discolors the water and pool shell. Our well experts have determined that the hillside well pump must be repaired or replaced. Rather than enduring two closures (another one later in the winter for maintenance), it was decided to proceed with annual maintenance at the same time. If you know of a maintenance item which needs attention and you believe it may not have been noticed by staff, feel free to pass it along.

Your understanding is certainly appreciated.

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