Shallow Side Closing 8/12

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The shallow side of the pool will be closing for about a week beginning this Sunday (August 12) at 6pm for some work. As it turns out, the grit added to the paint to keep the surface from being slippery was not sufficient. The beach area of the shallow side is being repainted to fix this issue. The lap pool will close at 6pm Sunday as well. The lap pool will remain open during this work but will close early at 7pm on Monday and Tuesday. Barring any rain or complications, the shallow side will reopen August 20. Your understanding is certainly appreciated.

I know that many folks have expressed concern about water quality this summer. I can assure you that Aquatics staff has been trying every possible cleaning technique and combination of ideas to improve water quality. You may have noticed a slight improvement this week because we have stopped using the downstream well which produces the warmest water during the summer and also contributes a lot of algae to the pool. Our poolside well is being pumped at a higher rate than we would prefer which is causing more silt to be included in the water entering the pool. Hence, the cloudy water conditions. A new well has been completed just northeast of the lap pool. This new well tested at 300 gallons per minute of clear water at 74 degrees. We hope to have that well online by the end of August. Keeping our fingers crossed, with that well we should be able to reduce the pump rate on the poolside well so that it produces no silt. We should then have very clear and cooler water.

Finally, we are working on a solution for the pool deck which can be slippery when wet. Please use caution on the deck until we get this issue resolved.

Your support of Deep Eddy is greatly appreciated.

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