Living Springs Project

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Karen Kocher is looking  for support in the development of a interactive website about Barton Springs.  Check out her proposal at the link below.

The story of the Springs is introduced via a virtual underwater scene. This interface is at once fanciful, but also purposeful. It is not only fun to navigate one’s way through this ever-changing animation with swaying plants and swimming fish, it also reinforces at every moment that Barton Springs is a part of the natural environment, a living, breathing habitat, and in fact the central reason why this story exists.

The Springs’ many stories float up from the bottom of the animation inside interactive bubbles. By clicking on any one of the dozens of bubbles, viewers gain entry into the world of biologists, hydrologists, poets, painters, musicians, monks, priests, swimmers, and historic figures as they interact with the Springs. Through these many characters and their stories, the value and importance of the of the Springs is communicated.

All funds raised during this campaign will be used for producing  project videos and the programming of the final version of the interactive site. Living Springs will be available 24-7, around the globe, to any person with an internet connection. Locally, we will work with teachers to get this project built into the science and humanities curriculum throughout central Texas. A high-resolution version of the project will be installed as part of a permanent exhibit at the Barton Springs Education Center where over 90,000 visitors come each year.

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