Well Update

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As you know, our new well has not been put into service because of the fine sediment particles it produces. Based on advice from the driller, we have been running the well into the lake in hopes that the sediment would be cleaned out from the formation fractures at the bottom of the well. Unfortunately, this has not occurred and the well is still producing a lot of sediment.

The driller has advised that the next step is to pull the pump and insert a video camera into the well for a day to survey what’s happening in the well. A crane will remove the pump, install the video camera and then reinstall the pump. The pump will be run at various flow rates during the day while the camera records the activity at the bottom of the well. In the best case scenario, we would find that the sediment is coming from a particular fracture or fractures but not from the entire area at the bottom of the well. This would allow the driller to reconfigure the shroud at the bottom of the pump, reposition the pump in the well and produce (hopefully) water with no sediment. In the worst case scenario, we find that the sediment is coming from all of the formation fractures. The video survey would then provide critical information for the driller to create a remediation project for the well that would involve using air and a vacuum process to clean out the sediment from the fractures.

We specifically asked the driller about just drilling the well deeper to another formation. He advised against this because in this part of the Edwards Aquifer there is an area of water that is laden with minerals and would not be appropriate for use in a swimming pool. The risk of encountering that water with a deeper well is not worth taking given the drilling expense involved.

The cost of the video survey is $3,695. Paul Bardagjy and I met with the driller this morning to discuss the project in detail and recommend that FODE pay for this work so that we have a better chance of getting the well on line before winter. Due to the City’s purchasing procedure, it could take months for the City to engage the driller for the video survey. FODE has about $16,600 in unrestricted funds in the bank. We would like to hear from you with your opinion about moving forward with the work. Please respond within the next week. If we have consensus, we will authorize the driller to proceed.

We can afford paying for the work, but if anyone wants to help fund this project, please send your donation to Friends of Deep Eddy, 1409 W. 6th St, Austin, Texas 78703.

As always, we greatly appreciate your support.

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